Auto & Home Insurance

When it comes to Auto and Home insurance, we believe that proper coverage is way more important than price. We strive to be competitive on price, but not at your expense.  Buying the lowest limits and the fewest coverage's to get a lower price will end up costing thousands of dollars more at claim time.  

Here's an example; State laws require you to have liability coverage that protects the other driver against bodily injury and property damage, and there is a minimum each state requires for you to be legally insured.

 If you cause an accident your insurance will cover the injuries to the other driver and their passengers as well as the damage to their auto up to the limits of your policy. If their medical bills or property damage exceeds your limits, they, or their attorney, can look to you to pay the excess amount. You may have saved $100 a year on your insurance premium, but now your faced with paying thousands or maybe tens of thousands all to save $100 bucks a year. 

Your home is most peoples single biggest investment, and for many it's their single biggest asset. Cutting corners on your Home insurance coverage is like burning money.

If we believe you have inadequate coverage's we don't just tell you, we explain why we believe they're inadequate, and the best way to correct it. 


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 We strive to be competitive on price, but not at your expense.