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Billions of dollars in benefits go unclaimed each year because beneficiaries and heirs forgot they were entitled to them, or never knew they existed. This applies to life insurance policies, dormant accounts like retirement accounts that were never moved from a former employer, old bank accounts, annuities, and more. 

In fact, according to a Consumer Reports Investigation, in 2013 there were over 1 billion dollars in Life policy benefits alone  waiting to be claimed by beneficiaries. The consumer Reports further found that the odds of being a beneficiary on an unclaimed life insurance policy were about 1 in 600. 


I’d like to ask you an important question….

 Everyone and everything is going digital. Your social security data, health insurance, financial accounts and every important piece of information about you is saved somewhere electronically. The big question is, what happens to all this information after you are gone, or if you become incapacitated? Will your loved ones have access to, or be able to find, everything they will need to handle your financial affairs, and carry out your wishes? 

Sadly, for most people the answer  is NO..... but it it doesn't have to be.  Now, there is a simple, efficient, and secure way to prevent this, all to common situation, from happening to your loved ones.

Solving this problem is easy, with a secure platform of 4 vaults, kind of like virtual bank safe deposit boxes, that let you store  your most important documents, photo's, and other important information digitally, to preserve them against being lost, destroyed by fire, flood, storms, or theft. While you have total access to your vaults anytime, you can also designate a person or person's whom you would like to receive the contents of your vaults in the event you become incapacitated, or upon your death. 

The platform also includes:

  • Wills, Living Wills, and Power of Attorney template forms approved and maintained by lawyers in every state. 
  • Medical Card for your wallet that gives EMT or other emergency personnel information about blood type allergies etc... as well as digital access to your health care directive if needed.
  • Artificial Intelligence Engine that you can use to identify when it is time to deliver your information. 

All of the information stored in your vaults are encrypted with: 


  •    Zero-Knowledge Encryption
  •   Dynamic Security Site Testing
  •   Rolling Data Integrity Assurance
  •  Customized encryption for each user

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 Billions of dollars in benefits go unclaimed each year....

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